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Friday, May 25, 2012

Family Photo Week: Props For Your Family Portraits

I just love using props for photos- they add such a fun dimension to the visual and can reflect on the memories that you want to savor for your family. They are all so versatile as well- mix & match and layer different props to create some really unique family portraits! 

{Balloons} Get a big bunch of oversized balloons in different colors and give each child their own. Then the parents can hold the big bunch together! 

{Quilts} If you have a family member that loves to sew (like I do), grab your most special handmade quilt or blanket and bring it along. You can use it as a hanging backdrop, a floordrop, folded to prop babies, or make into a makeshift tent! 

{Toys} I love this idea so much. Grab the bear your husband had as a child, a car that your son will not put down, a special sock monkey you got at your baby shower- your children have so many toys that this one is easily accessible and will remind you forever about their favorite playthings. 

{Furniture} This one is a bit harder, since it requires lugging around furniture, but the effect is fabulous. I love vintage or handpainted furniture, especially special pieces from your own home that you'd like to capture. 

{Fruit} Watermelon in the summer, apples in the fall, oranges in the winter, and buckets of berries in the spring! I love incorporating natural elements in shoots, and fruit is fun and worst case scenario- your child gets hungry and you toss them an apple to much on to prevent crabiness. Cute photo & happy child = a win! 

{Bicycles} Another tough one if you have a bunch of kids and have to tote around a bike, but such a great prop, especially if your family enjoys bike rides. Better yet, bring all the kids bikes and have them ride around for some really fun photos!

{Chalk} This one is so easy! Bring some sidewalk chalk and create some impromptu art anywhere to use as a floordrop. Or, you could even have the kids color some creations for some creative memories. 

{Books} Love love love this idea. Bring your children's favorite, your favorite, stacks to prop a baby on- you could even theme a whole shoot around a book! I this great idea for a shoot with a "Caps For Sale" theme, with a family dressing to match the color scheme and all wearing hat! 

{Letters} You can get big oversized letters at JoAnnes or Hobby Lobby and paint them in any color you choose for a fun prop. Give everyone their first initial, spell out a word together, get one giant letter for your last name.... so many great ideas. 

{Glitter} Sparkly & fun, kids love it, artsy effect- all my favorite things rolled into one cheap prop. Just make sure you do this last- it gets messy!

{Games} I've done a fun couples shoot with Scrabble before, but any game your family likes to play together would be fantastic! Twister would be great, jenga, poker, even simple games like Red Rover or Duck Duck Goose would produce some totally fun family photos. 

What are some other props you'd like to use in your family photos?

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