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Thursday, July 19, 2012

Back To School Photo Prop Ideas

School is just around the corner friends! All the fun photos you can be taking of the kidlets going to their new classes can be made a little more fun with these creative little props. Try one and you'll get some Back To School photos to cherish forever. 

1// books 2// pencils 3// glasses 4// buses 5// book pages 6// globes 7// chalkboards 8// paper airplanes 9// desks 10// letters

{Books} Books are my all time favorite prop to use. Get a stack of vintage books, take a picture of the child reading their favorite book, or have them stand on a stack of Encyclopedias. So many ideas pop into my head with books! 

{Pencils} Make vases with yellow pencils as an easy way to incorporate the prop- just hot glue the pencils around a tin can. Also, an oversized paper mache or stuffed pencil could be a great prop as well. 

{Glasses} Fake oversize spectacles are the CUTEST on sweet little girls and boys. 

{Buses} This one is a bit harder to find in the summer, so you may need to wait until school is back in session before taking bus photos. 

{Book Pages} Making a book page backdrop is easy as pie, and is a great neutral to layer other decorations on. I have a book page wall in my living room that I've kept up all year- I just hot glued pages onto sheets of kraft paper I stuck on with push pins.

{Globes} You can find globes at many thrift stores or even Teaching Supply Stores- just one is darling, but layering a bunch in many sizes and colors would be even better. 

{Chalkboards} Make your own mini chalkboards and put cute little quotes on them or fun drawings- you can even change the color up by making your own chalkboard paint

{Paper Airplanes} So fun and hip, you can make paper airplanes out of book paper, yellow notebook paper, or brightly colored construction paper in all sorts of shapes and sizes. 

{Desks} I've dreamed of finding a gorgeous vintage desk like the one above, but if you can't find anything vintage, I suggest going to a local school and seeing if they are getting rid of any old desks this year. You may luck out with an avacado green one from the 70's. 

{Letters} Craft stores have a wide selection of wood or paper mache letters and numbers that you can paint and use as fun alphabet props. Spell out some words, use "K" for kindergarden, numbers for the other grades, or just go with ABC & 123. 

{Apples} Of course, you MUST include the old stand-by for Back To School- apples. There are apples in a lot of these pictures, so be sure to try and take it in a unique direction; maybe get an entire bushel of apples, or sting them into a banner of some sort. Have fun with it!

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  1. Thank you so much for this amazing ideas! Gonna try some of them soon.;))