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Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Past Meets Present: Dance Recital Photo Wrap Up

Whew! Last week was a crazy busy week with the entire week devoted to the Jeannes School of Dance Queen Creek Recital Photos. I had a blast, learned a TON, and had a fantastic experience with the staff at Jeannes and all the little darlings I took photos of. Here's a little wrap up montage of my week:

Most of you do not know that before I was ever a photographer, I was a dancer and a dance teacher for most of my life. Since having children, I've become less and less involved in the dance industry; but it's something that I will always have a passion for and I will always feel comfortable in a dance environment.  So, how lucky is it that I was chosen to take the Dance Recital Photos for Jeanne's School of Dance in Queen Creek this year? It combines two of my favorite creative outlets- photography and dance, plus I get the challenging new experience of Studio shooting, something that I was a bit nervous about doing. Now that I have a week of shooting down, I absolutely LOVE studio shooting and can't wait to start playing around more with my new equipment! As a matter of fact, this week I will be announcing my own first Studio Mini Sessions, so stay tuned.

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